[n009] Sonic Boom

Release: Sonic Boom
Seed: John Alderman
Date of release: 2002
Format: Book
Length: 01:52 min.


Artwork: JPG


Believe me, I’m not happy about the business model that the record companies have been running until now. They have proven again and again that they are far from angels, far from having even a casual interest in giving artists and songwriters a fair share. They have been ripping off artists, writers, and the public for close to a century, to the point where I can honestly say I don’t trust them at all.

Napster, on the other hand, is no solution. So far, it’s even worse than the labels.

Excuse me, but just because record executives give artists a bad deal doesn’t mean that everyone else can then go and do worse.

I’m not afraid of technology, and I hope that system can be worked out that enables consumers that would also reward artists. Maybe this is even the beginning of what might grow into something great. I’m still a little worried.

Herbie Hancock