[n004] Monotonik

Release: Monotonik
Seeds: VV.AA.
Date of release: 1996
Format: Netlabel
Length: 02:19 min.


Artwork: JPG


Monotonik is/was a net.music.label that _exclusively_ releases music online in the mp3 format. All of our releases are freely downloadable and distributable under a Creative Commons license that allows free non-commercial distribution, and we’ve been releasing .mp3 and .mod files online since May 1996. The label was founded by Simon ‘h0l’ Carless as an outlet for talented electronic musicians who weren’t getting the attention they deserved.

Monotonik is currently on hiatus, and we are not accepting demos at the time. We do this for fun. Music is great, and giving great music away for free is even better. Hope you dig it.