[n003] Scene

Release: Scene
Seeds: VV.AA.
Date of release: 1996
Format: Subculture / File repository
Length: 01:08 min.


Artwork: JPG


Scene.org is a non-profit organization aimed at providing the ‘electronic art scene’ with a forum for communication and for sharing their work. (…) Scene.org cannot be explained in just a few words. On one hand it is the central source for the demoscene community but on the other hand it is an online digital community, consisting of several talented individuals across the world with the desire of creating something for the scene. To be honest, scene.org is not just for the scene, it is for everyone who is interested in this sub-culture. Some might consider scene.org just as a service, and while it is part that, for us it is an ambition.


Demoscene Documentary series (2010)

Moleman 2 – Demoscene (2012)