Thanks for your netlabel is a tool to think about netlabels.

This website contains several examples of seeds that have contributed somehow to the growth of netlabels. These aren’t all the possible releases, these releases are just some examples. Either way, they are a tribute to several people and initiatives that have contributed to the netalbel scene. The selection has been made with the aim to trace a path across the history of netlabels and their philosophy, with all its contradictions.

Thanks for your netlabel is also a databending game that transfigures websites, books, films, projects, platforms, events or any other kind of netlabelism media into sound pieces and covers.
This website was done just for fun.


To the extent possible under law, Thanks for your netlabel has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Thanks for your netlabel.


Mikel R. Nieto: designer, curator, ideologist, omnivorous, founder, president, director, leader.
Blanca Rego: sound creator, visual creator, process thinker, process maker, worker, slave.



The spirit, or poetry, of computer music gives voice to a nonphysical reality. It is the sonification of data, a genie with the ability to change shape at will, that moves from one physical body to another at the speed of light.

The network is the locus and a source for a new kind of music. The network provides the new technological way that representations of sounds, like all other physical forms, can be manipulated collaboratively, transcending the physical boundaries of individuals.

Computer network music aims to reveal the voice of the system itself, the sound of the network instrument.

Art a Distance – Precursors to Art and Activism on the Internet